San Diego Personal Injury Lawyers, Workers’ Compensation & Immigration Law Firm

Proven Attorneys, Personal Service

When we founded Mitchell & Shea in San Diego in 1999, we did so because we wanted to offer exceptional legal representation to all people throughout the San Diego area. We have now expanded our practice into Los Angeles and across Southern California because our approach has proven so successful.

For more than a decade, our attorneys have represented people from all types of backgrounds whose cases involved a wide-variety of legal complexities. Each of our clients get our complete attention and we have attorneys who are highly specialized for cases that require the most refined focus. Our Southern California law firm is focused on

We now have offices to serve people from Los Angeles and Santa Barbara to Riverside and San Bernardino. We have recovered millions of dollars for injured people throughout the state and we have helped many of our clients overcome issues related to deportation and other immigration challenges. We have also helped countless people who have lost their ability to work obtain the compensation they need and deserve.

For every type of client that we represent, no matter their background, we have proven that we know how to get results. No matter who you are, if you become our client, we will prioritize your best interests.

Because we focus on personalized service for each of our clients, we treat each case as our priority. We take the time to listen and create legal strategies that are tailor-made for each individual circumstance. There is no simple formula for success. Instead, we respond to the facts of a case and listen to our clients’ goals. This level of personal service is rare at a Southern California law firm of our size. But we combine the personal service and attentive representation of a small firm with the resources of a large one.

Over the years, we have resisted the temptation to substantially expand the size of our practice. Instead, we have elected to maintain a medium-sized firm with a family-type philosophy. This approach allows the partners to have intimate contact with their clients and to pool the entire firm’s resources for success. For our clients, the result is one-on-one attention and a friendly, professional approach to the practice of law. Contact us to see how this approach can work for you.

A Dedicated Team Guiding you in the Legal Process

Our San Diego Personal Injury Lawyers have settled thousands of accident claims ranging from orthopedic and psychiatric accident injuries to catastrophic and wrongful death benefit cases. Our attorneys have successfully litigated hundreds of cases before the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB). We have also advocated for clients in personal injury actions before Superior Courts throughout California. Additionally, we have assisted our clients with navigating the complexities of immigration law in California including through the process of deportation defense. Working as a team, our attorneys, support staff, investigators and other experts are relentless advocates for our clients.

To learn more about how we can assist you, please call one of our offices or request a free accident case consultation or contact us for a free immigration case analysis. We accept most personal injury and workers’ comp cases on a contingency basis: if we do not recover compensation for you, we collect no attorneys’ fees. For our immigration practice, we keep our rates low but our standards high and we can arrange payment plans. Reach out to us for a free consultation and to discuss the legal options available.


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